My middle name should have been MacGyver (aka how to open a wine bottle in an emergency)

To take a step away from all the serious talk of my past few post, my friend (the one who’s 30th birthday we celebrated in NYC) emailed me a couple of pictures recently and I nearly died of laughter.

I don’t want to say where these pictures were taken, mostly to protect ourselves 🙂 but let’s just say that we weren’t at home and we were waiting a long time to get somewhere.

So what’s a group of girls to do?
Well, crack open some wine of course! We had a couple of bottles in the truck so we figured we needed to drink those babies. But wait, no bottle opener?

No problem! I learned a special trick at my best friend’s wedding a couple of years ago that worked like magic.
It’s called, the stiletto heel.

Take off the wrapper around the cork, and slowly (SLOWLY I TELL YOU!!!) push the cork into the bottle with the heel.

Of course the same results could be done with a key, or a pen, but the heal gives you a larger surface to apply pressure to. If you don’t go slowly like I’ve warned you TWICE already, then you’re going to end up with wine all over your pants. Which I forgot to do during the first bottle and ended up with Voga wine on my jeans.

But if you’re lucky enough to have some of that Voga wine on hand, then your in for another treat! The black cap doubles as a classy cup. Score!

I’m the modern day MacGyver of thirsty women everywhere.


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