Reblog: A Message From The Creator

“When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing.” ― Gary Zukav

via A Message From The Creator.

Morning everyone! I really do love these daily messages from the LadyRomp blog. I always try and take in the quote and see how it could apply to my day.

This one makes me think of my post from yesterday about self definition. The above quote is my goal. It’s how I want to end up doing whatever it is I do. I want to be able to define myself like the above. I want to find something (or maybe at this point it’s more a matter of choosing…) that makes me feel complete.

Now let me mention that my family makes me feel complete. But not in the same way a passion would. I want to have a passion that runs so deep I HAVE to do it everyday. That I HAVE to make it my life’s work.

Alright, enough rambling for now. I’ll save the rest for later…

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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