Excited, nervous and a little anxious…

So I have decided to post the prologue to my novel for all you to read. It is the first draft of it, so come time to edit (and edit, and edit, and then edit some more) I am sure it will be different. But I want to know if I am going in the right direction, if my words peak people’s interest.

My novel, Billow, is the first in a series (still contemplating series title). I haven’t decided if the series is three or four books, but I do know how everything ends. How many books to get to that point is up in the air. I’m letting my characters take me on their journey, through their story, so they’ll let me know when it’s time to end. It’s a very exciting ride so far.

When I came across the word billow I vaguely remembered what it meant. So when I looked it up I found this as one of their definitions: “any surging mass“. That’s when it REALLY hit me. That is when I KNEW it was meant to be my title. I cant wait for you all to know why…

But for now, please accept my prologue as a sign of good faith. Just click above on Billow at the top of my blog.

How’s that for a special Thursday treat??


2 thoughts on “Excited, nervous and a little anxious…

  1. Good for you posting your prologue! I was nervous just posting a very small excerpt of my first chapter today.

    1. Oh trust me, I was BEYOND nervous to post it! I have been wanting to do it every since I wrote it, but I needed more written to back me up. The good thing is that now people have read it and want to know more, so I can’t bail on this book like I have with past attempts to write 🙂

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