Daily Inspiration – Procratination

“By making writing a part of your daily routine–just like brushing your teeth–you’ll discipline yourself to work as a writer instead of a hobbyist who only writes when there’s some fun to be had.”
Theresa Grant

Morning my lovelies!

Man, does this quote not hit the nail on the head for me. For the past few weeks I have been trying to write a little bit every day. Problem is when the weekend arrives I usually push it aside and never do it, so come Monday I have to refuel my fire and drive. It’s hard to just write each and every day if you don’t make an effort.

I know some would disagree, but when I write, I want to write things that I like. I don’t just want to write any old thing to just write. I want my words to matter. Always. So training myself to write DECENT words all the time is my challenge.

My goal for today is to write around 3K. I have an idea for my next chapter which I really want to get on paper, so I need to get cracking! So excited to tell you guys more about it!

Also, to keep me motivated to write, and to keep you guys in the loop of things, I was thinking of possibly doing a contest (or random draw) of sorts for some of you to get a copy of what I’ve written so far, so I could get some insight and criticism. What do you think? Would you be interested in something like that? I’d probably pick three of you to help me out, but the idea is still up in the air.

So much to talk about today! More posts to come!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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