“Miss Steele, I do believe you’re making my palm twitch.”


Just this past weekend I finished up the FABULOUS Fifty Shades trilogy by E L James. For those of you who don’t know – and by “don’t know” I mean “are living under a rock” – Fifty Shades is an amazing series of books that is flying off the shelves right now.

What can I possibly say about these books that haven’t been said by everyone else on the planet? Yes, it’s able to be classified as “erotica”, “mommy porn” whatever floats your boat. But I didn’t go into this series hoping to get THAT kind of satisfaction. I was curious as to what the hype was about.

I didn’t want to read these books. I wanted to put my foot down and not fall into that trap of reading what’s “in” right now. I didn’t want to fall in love with the characters and secretly pray that everything happens like I wish. I didn’t want to enjoy these books so much that I forgot to eat and sleep and shower…

For six days I lived and breathed Fifty Shades.

This series is a love story unlike any I’ve read before. The “harlequin romance” portions of the novels helped to understand the characters better. Which most other “romance” books don’t really.

Ana struggles with her want to be with Christian, and her attempts to be submissive to him. She is a strong willed female who is still coming in to her own when she meet Christian, and has to learn who she is while trying to be what Christian needs. A lot of the stuff in the novel was new to me, I hadn’t heard of a lot of it (call me “Vanilla” if you must) and when it came down to Ana wondering, I felt like her and I were on the same journey. It was something I haven’t felt in a book in a while. Throughout the book we hear from her “inner goddess” and I am always dying! She’s amazing! Saying and thinking that things most of us women probably mutter under our breath. She showed a different side to Ana, and we learned as she learned, as her goddess learned. It was refreshing.

Christian’s character made me melt. He is one of those “unfathomable” characters who couldn’t possibly exist in real life. And although he is older than Ana, he is far from knowing who he is either. And through Ana he learns, about himself, his past and his future. He turns into a different form of himself, one he did not think possible.

James did an amazing job at creating this love story, which we get so consumed with. I found myself laughing at their banter, blushing at their inside jokes and even sitting there in shock at some parts. These books filled a void I was looking for. I loved them and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

I went into these books knowing the background of things. Fifty Shades was originally a Twilight fan fiction who’s main characters were based on Edward and Bella. That being said, I felt the books held their own so much that I was able to create two characters who were their own persons. Whether or not this was originally intended to be something else, James has a way with words that kept me captivated and wanting more. I will probably re-read these shortly because I always feel my first read through of books I enjoy end too quickly. I tend to want more and read faster than I should, and appreciate a little less. Second times around I always enjoy books more.

Knowing ahead of time that this was in fact fan fiction originally, I was able to overlook some of the “craziness” that happened. I used to write fan fiction, and my stories always had ridiculous things happen in them that wouldn’t normally happen. This is kind of how I felt about Fifty Shades. But it didn’t really bother me because I get it. Without fan fiction I wouldn’t be writing today. So see what this trilogy was able to do, brings a smile to my face. The written word has so many facets, so many different ways of being heard. It’s inspiring…

Now all of you, go and read!!

“Laters, baby.”


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