Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for today.

But for some reason I welcome them. The heat hasn’t been unbearable this past little while, but I never like going long periods of time without rain. I kind of feel like it brings a cleansing property to everything and everyone.

Remember as a kid how much fun it was to just run around in the rain? Not a care in the world, we just splashed in all the puddles, held our mouths open to the raindrops, and laughed at the enjoyment.

Where did those times go? Now when it rains I find myself running for cover. I need to find that little girl who loved to dance in the rain again. I think she will bring me some inspiration. Speaking of which…

Last night I was thinking about my novel and the direction I’m going in with it. I was scribbling down some ideas for the next few chapters when my main character, Gwen, started talking to me. Apparently she has a different story to tell, and made me aware of that. She told me I needed to not rush my story so much and tell more of her story.

This is a new experience for me. Having a character so vivid in my mind, so tangible, that she is actually communicating with me. I’m sure most people who aren’t writers might think I’m nuts. Maybe some writers will too. Gwen is a powerful woman who has a lost a lot in her life. She wants people to understand where she gets her guarded persona from. She doesn’t let a lot of people in, and lucky for me I’m one of the few. I know it’s weird. To talk like she’s real. But for me she is. She showed up at a coffee shop a few months ago and hasn’t kept quite since. Then she pops in to my head while I’m driving to work and she’s creating this world for herself that I need to share with everyone.

She planted the seed of her story in my mind and it’s starting to grow. It’s taken a while to get started, but now the roots have taken and she starting to push through the soil. It’s amazing. I can’t quite explain the way this makes me feel other than ‘it’s amazing‘.

But at the same time Gwen is slightly frustrated with me. My writing time is becoming more and more limited right now due to the good weather. In my neck of the world we spend about six months in the cold, a few more in “warm enough” weather and relish in a couple of months of heat. We all take full advantage of the summertime because sometimes fall hits us out of nowhere. So we sit outside and drink copious amounts of sangria. We have barbeques all the time. We work on our yards so we can show them off for a few months.

I still write. But not for as long. And maybe that’s part of my problem is that I’m not devoting enough time to Gwen. My goal was 2K a day about a month ago. Now if I can manage that in 3 days I’m amazed. And I’m reading about how some of you out there are so dedicated and are busting out thousands of words a day and it makes me wonder if I’m any less of a writer than any of you…

Am I?

I don’t feel like I am, but because I’m not more vigilent does that make me less so?

This coming weekend is a long weekend for us, and now that I’ve added Friday to it, I’ve got four days ahead of me. Two are a write off, but I’m hoping to get a good few hours in on Friday morning while my daughter is still in school. It’s her last day so I’m picking her up at one. So my hosue will be empty and maybe me and Gwen could spend some well needed quality time together. Maybe we’ll sit outside under the canopy and have breakfast together and she can tell me a story or two while I type away.

Also, as an act of good faith I’m going to post a bit more of Billow on Thursday. To give you all a bit more of an idea of Gwen’s life. I’m excited for that! I hope you are too.

Lastly… I wanted to add that the quote above was from Kim over at LadyRomp.  She posted it as the “Message from the creator” today, so be kind and check out her blog when you get a chance. The daily messages always start you off right. It’s funny how hers relates to Gwen in a sense. Loves it.


One thought on “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

  1. Writing ebbs and flows. I love the times when a lot of words come and work through the times when the words seem to rush away from me. But despite where you are in the process it doesn’t make you less of a writer. In my opinion, it makes you more of one.

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