“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”


I know.

I quote Steve Jobs a lot. And it’s always the same chunk from his Stanford Commencement speech. The full quote above is at the footer of my blog. But I can’t continue to tell you guys enough how much his words, THOSE words fuel me.

Two night ago I read my Mr. the entire speech – only to later find out that we could have watched the whole thing, but reading out loud is fun! – and he enjoyed it. He liked a few quotes of his own. Reading the whole thing over gave me that little extra nudge I needed.

So last night, my “inner voice” Gwen and I discussed Billow. I was trying to feel out the story from her version of things, and it turns out that I had everything in the wrong place. The flow didn’t seem to flow how I – we – wanted it to, so I changed things up. My chapters got rearranged and suddenly things feel right. They feel like they are supposed to.

The words haven’t changed. Just where they are in the scheme of things and it’s amazing how the mood of Billow has changed. I’m starting to find it voice. This concept has been spoken of a lot lately within the blogs I frequent, so I’m not going to delve too deep into it. I find that most of my writing has the same voice. Not my blogging voice, that’s something else. I think I blog the same way I talk. Maybe a bit different, but for the most part I think my voice on my blog is me.

Billow‘s voice is much more Gwen. I don’t know how to explain it right now, but once you start reading some serious parts of it I think you will all understand. My novel is a recount from her perspective of things. I am still flip-flopping on the idea of doing my novel in the present tense, but I waver from that because it’s new to me. I did make the prologue like that, but I am unsure if I should continue. Everything else so far has been in the past tense. At this point I’m thousands of words in to Billow, so changing the tense has to be a decision I make sooner rather than later because the last thing I want to do is have to re-write a bazillion words.


That really doesn’t sound to appealing to me. I’ll try to make an executive decision by the end of the week because I plan on writing my butt off this Friday.


Or rather…


As in thousands.

Now that’s a pretty goal of some sort which leaves a lot up in the air. Bahaha… I’m so indecisive at times. But seriously, I want to get some big chunk of things done. I’m hoping for a few chapters, possibly hitting the high point. It’s there. In my mind. Gwen screaming at me to write it. I just don’t want to rush to get there so I don’t miss the small things.

Alright. Back to drinking my hot water. Eve though it’s 42 degrees outside (with the humidex of course), my building believes it is necessary to freeze us to death.

Double Bah.

Happy Wednesday peeps!!


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