Billow – an excerpt

So how are my lovelies doing today? I am very excited right now. VERY.


Well, as promised, I am going to be posting a wee bit more of Billow! Its funny how I used to be nervous at the thought of posting ANYTHING to do with my novel, but now I kind of look forward to it.

My stuff is by no means edited. Oh my goodness that has not even been on my mind just yet. I did try my best to fix all the typos and stuff for you all, but I just went with spell check and didn’t go word by word. If I start doing that I start doing crazy edits and then things change and next thing you know instead of writing more words I’m just changing the ones I already have.

I need to pummel through and get more words before I even consider going through my context of things. Bah. Editing scares the poop out of me because I am by no means a grammarian, or an editor or anyone who knows anything about the proper use of a comma (I know, I’m a writer, I should know these things. I apologize for my lack of grammar/sentence structure awesomeness). I am excited for my day off tomorrow so I can write, write, WRITE! I don’t plan on doing a blog post until AFTER I reach my word goal, but if you guys follow me on Twitter I will probably tweet my progress, or my frustrations. Whichever happens first 🙂

So to hold you guys over until you hear from me tomorrow… An excerpt from Chapter one of Billow.

Today was the day where everything was supposed to change for me. The past seven days have been a blur, so much has happened. Not even two weeks ago my father passed away, and now this. Each day since my father’s death has lead me closer to right now.

Most people would be worried, nervous, maybe even freaking out a bit.

I had no reason to. My mother saw to that. I spent the past week with her by my side – in secret – teaching me everything I would need to know.

Today I feel prepared.

Today I feel ready.

Today is the day I get Selected.

I’ve heard through whispers about The Grotto that it is a privilege to get Selected. How anyone can say that when this is forced upon you I will never understand. I had no choice in the matter, no say of my own. I am no longer my own person, my fate is held in the hands of The Basin.

For the last time in this house, I looked at myself in the small bathroom mirror. I thought by now I would feel different. I thought I would change. I turned nineteen three days ago and it was confirmed; I was like my mother and father. But why didn’t I feel like a new me?

I looked the same for the most part. My brown hair still fell in the same waves, one side pinned back like always. My hazel eyes still gazed back at me; though the life from them left the day I lost my father. My body had not changed drastically, but it did seem as if my skin had smoothed out and had a more of a glow to it. Looking myself over I knew that there was only one thing there that was not there before my birthday.

My scar.

It was hard not to notice. I have yet to learn over these past three days to ignore it; it was there, staring at me, reminding me of what I was. I would sometimes forget it was there, but at those moments without fail a pulse would course through it. A gentle throb that would shake me from my temporary ignorance. ‘Look at me,’ it would chime.

I stared down at my left index finger, and touched the tip of it with my right. Slowly I traced its path; down my finger, past my wrist and up my arm. Reaching my shoulder I pushed my hair away and continued, making my way up my neck, behind my ear and ending right at my temple. I sighed aloud, brushing my hair back to cover it.

My mother had warned me about the scar. She thinks it’s possible that someone might notice, might what I am. But she did tell me that it’s been so long since anyone has ever mentioned anything… Do people even know we exist anymore? Still, not wanting to draw more attention than necessary, I grabbed the glove my mother had given me for my birthday and put it on. It went just past my elbow, made of a thin, light tan leather. It was soft to the touch, light and barely felt like anything. It only covered one finger; my index. Although it might seem out of place to many in The Basin, it looked much like the armbands seen throughout the Grotto by the younger ones of us. But now that I am leaving my home will anyone else question it?

I pushed that thought out of my mind, as there was no importance to it today. Flattening out my shirt and took one last look at myself. “Goodbye Gwendolyn Drake…” I whispered quietly as I nodded at my reflection. Who knows who I will become after I am Selected.

Stepping out of the washroom I hear the sound of rubber on gravel, and I know my escort has arrived.

This was it. I made my way through my house, not taking any last looks at anything. Doing so would possibly break me down, make me crack, make me feel. I didn’t want to feel; not today, not again.

Next to the front door was everything I planned on taking with me. I spent a few minutes the previous night preparing for my departure, I wasn’t taking much; a small burlap shoulder bag which contained a leather bound book that belonged to my family. That was it. I didn’t need anything else. My past would be gone to me forever come my Selection.

It was time to leave, to move on.

The black vehicle that pulled into my driveway had stopped right in front of my porch. As I walked out, a man stepped out of the car and turned to me, his eyes shaded by the brim of his hat. But I knew this man. I had met him once before. One week ago. He was the one who brought me the news.

I walked down the steps of my porch, fixing my bag on my shoulder and headed to meet the driver at the car. As he walked around to meet me at the back door, he had an air of assertiveness – strong rigid shoulders like all Basin guards – but when he reached me he lifted his hat slightly. The way he looked at me was anything but stiff. He had a gentle smile and soft brown eyes that warmed to me.

“Miss Drake.” He opened the back door and motioned for me to get in. I smiled in return before slipping in. He closed the door behind me and I was momentarily taken over with a feeling of dread. My inner self panicked a bit. The sound of my escort opening his door startled me from my thoughts, and when he turned to me his gaze comforted me.

“Have you chosen where you would like to give the send off?”

“The Mesa, you know, the cliff on the outskirts of the Basin.” I looked down at my fingers and fiddled with them. “My father used to love going there…”

“Certainly Miss Drake.” My escort punched the directions into the on-board computer. “It won’t take very long, half an hour at most.”

“Take your time.” No sooner did those words escape my mouth, my escort and I locked eyes. His looked slightly sad, as we both knew that time was no longer on my side.

Alright, I hope you all enjoyed that little bit. Please let me know what you guys think, AND BE HONEST! I need to get a thick skin when it comes to my writing so comment away! If you guys would rather discuss it in a less open dialogue, you can email me at

Happy Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Billow – an excerpt

  1. All I have to say is, WHAT IS SHE AND WHY DOES SHE HAVE A SCAR???????? 🙂 I want to know more!!!!

    I think you did a great job. I really love your style of writing. Keep you the good work! 😀

    Also, don’t forget to copyright your work!

    1. All in due time! I will reveal more and more as I write more. I plan on releasing the rest of the first chapter and most of the second chapter within the next few weeks. But that’ll be it! Can’t give away everything! 🙂

      And thanks for the heads up on copyrighting! This is why I need people like you! I forget the most basic things!!

      1. Another blogger (The Jotters Joint) told me to be sure to copyright my work. I had no idea I could even do that!

        I’m excited to

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