What a weekend!!

Good morning my lovelies!!

What a wonderful long weekend I had. But I must say… I’ve missed you all!!

My weekend has come and gone and now it’s so hard to get back into my routine. And this morning my daughter just started summer camp and we were a little all over the place. This past long weekend (It’s was a provincial holiday for us) we were blessed with such gorgeous weather, that everyone I knew was taking advantage of it. Its funny because all week long we were told it was going to be thundershowers and just ugly. My Mr. is dead set on the concept that the weather men are all in cahoots and tell us its going to rain on the weekends so they get the best tee times (For those of you who get the reference, he’s a big Larry David fan).

The best part about my weekend? The amazing weather? The poolside tanning? The sangria? The friends and family and fun times? Well… OF COURSE those were the best parts, but the BEST best part for me was Friday morning.

I gave myself a four hour writing block while my daughter was at her last day of school and I pumped out 4000 words to Billow. Woohoo!! I really needed that many words done because I was – secretly – starting to lose hope that I had it in me to move past my impasse. But I did it and I even managed to plot out some of the things I want to happen! Yeah!!

So I am officially one third of the way through my novel. It’s exciting! Because now all the exciting stuff can happen. And very soon Gwen is going to get to meet “the boy” (it’s a YA, I’m a sucker for inter weaved love plots, though it’s not a love story novel) and she keeps squealing in my head. She’s a little antsy. She wants me to see where their story goes, she’s almost as excited as I am!

And on the note of Gwen… My sister called me last week and told me that it made her laugh out loud that I write about Gwen being “my inner voice” and how I talk about her like she’s real (well, to me she kind of is :)). She said that if people start reading my blog out of nowhere they might think I’m a little crazy. Bahaha…

So this week I’m hoping to get a good chunk of Billow done now that I’m all revved up. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll post a wee bit more for you guys to read.

Now in other non-writing awesomeness, here is the best FB status of the weekend, posted by one of my favorite people:

“Who says you can’t fit 11 adults in a 6 person hot tub?”

The summer of 2012 is looking to be amazing. Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


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