Celebrating and excuses…

Morning my lovelies… First off to all my Canadian readers…

Happy Canada Day!!!

So go and have a large double double and a box of 10 timbits in celebration!!!

As long as I can remember Canada Day has been filled with barbecues, parades, folding chairs and fireworks. It also means long weekends… Woohoo! Two in a row!

Well, of course if you work in any finance department for a company who’s parent company is in Europe and your month end needs to be closed in three days… Then you usually have to go in on Canada Day (for me it would be tomorrow). This being my 4th year that this will have happened, I’m getting used to it. Especially since I get to take an extra vacation day now in replacement for working a holiday. So I plan on using my extra day to WRITE MY FACE OFF

So this coming Friday do expect big progression in Billow. And that makes me excited!

I’ve been wanting to get a good chunk done since my last big writing day, but I’ve only been able to get a little bit here and there. It’s been hard to find time lately, and that’s been frustrating. And I think that the reasons are a bit due to lack of time, a bit due to my constant fear, and a bit due to the fact that I am tired. Often. Even now, not even 9 in the morning on a Sunday and I’ve had two cups of coffee, and I could still fall forward against my keyboard… Bah.

But I’ve also started realizing that I’m making excuses. Because if I make excuses for why I’m not writing, my novel doesn’t have to get done soon and I won’t have to edit it 254861 times and I won’t have to query it and I can pretend to myself that I never failed. But every time I make another excuse I feel like more of a failure than if hundreds of agents refused my novel.

Because I know I can always make time to write. If I can manage to find time to watch the ridiculous Glass House reality tv show (why Amanda, why????) I should find time to write.

So to get myself more in the writing zone, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs I follow, mainly those by aspiring authors like myself, to get some ideas on how to get myself in gear. In one post by Emmie Mears put up just before she embarked on Camp NaNoWriMo talked about using words as a form of payment for the things that would deter you from writing. For example she mentioned that if you want to watch an hour of tv, 1000 words. Same goes for reading. I think THAT would work for me because I’m at the stage right now where I’m reading a book in two days (Just finished the first two books in Amy Plum’s Revenants trilogy, and I’m now reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver) and I can’t put them down until I’m done. So this is a good way for me to get to write my book and read my books.

Another great idea was by Whitney over at Serendipitous Happenstance. In one of her recent posts she talked about making a chart of your progress. I think that would definitely help me out as well because I am a very visual person. If you’re going to teach me something, show me how to do it. So for me to be able to see how many words I write in a day, that would be a great reminder, and almost a challenge to try and keep my words within a certain range.

Lastly, I really think I need to take charge and make myself an area in my house where I write. As of right now we have this really flimsy desk we bought at Walmart when we first moved in and the chair we use is too high to be comfortable, so after a couple of hours of writing I’m dying to get away. Leanne Penny recently posted about her work space and it made me realize that I need somewhere to call my own. I need an area in my house that is for my writing and ONLY for my writing. I have an area where I used to do all my Etsy work, but I’m probably going to convert it into my writing haven. But I still need to get a new chair…

Alright. I have much to do today before I hunt down a good place to watch some fireworks. 1000 little friends are calling my name…


3 thoughts on “Celebrating and excuses…

  1. I love the idea of rewarding yourself by meeting your word count! I also understand about needing a space to write. That’s why I’m thinking about revamping my desk area. Happy Canada Day! I was in Vancouver during Victoria Day weekend and it was fun. Enjoy the fireworks!

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