Another great post, this time by Vikki. Everyone who writes wants to be able to finish what they start. But sometimes, no matter what we do, we can’t achieve that. Vikki was brave enough to admit this, and her strength is very admirable.
I commend her!

The View Outside

Today is Insecure Writers Support Day 🙂


…..and yes, that was a smile. I’m not smiling because I have no insecurities, I’m smiling because I’ve finally made a decision about my WIP…. *drum roll please*

I’m going to STOP

Yep, that’s right, you heard me lol….there are a couple of reasons:

1. I keep hearing from so many people that you should never edit before you’ve finished, purely because if you do, you’ll NEVER actually finish it. I’m beginning to believe it, as it’s still not finished, so I made a big mistake there 😦


2. I attended a talk by an agent last week, which has made me decide it’s not strong enough. You wait till you see my post, 20 Things I Learnt From An Agent (which I’ll be posting on Friday). Seriously, I’m being realistic. What’s that old expression about flogging a dead horse? Lol


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