The Tooth Fairy and Gwen – an interesting combination

Morning my lovelies! First off, to all my American followers:

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend as much as I did for my national holiday!

Yesterday was busy for me so I wasn’t able to get a blog post done during the day. I haven’t been very regular with my blog posts lately. We’ve had two holiday weekends up here which have definitely thrown my game off and on top of that I have just been overall busier lately. I’m doing my best to get back on the wagon.

So last night when I got home from picking up my daughter from summer camp, grocery shopping and making her something to eat, I made myself some tea to have while I blogged. But of course I managed to spill the boiling water ON MY HANDS and was unable to type, let along move my fingers. It hurt so bad and burned so much that I spent most of the night with wet paper towels on my hands to soothe the burning. The only thing I was able to do from that point on was read because on my iPad you just need to touch the page and not flip a page… I ended up falling asleep on the couch, face flat against my iPad (not drooling, thank goodness!), hands covered in dried out paper towel. Classy.

Anyways, I survived and am back full force, though there are still red marks on my hands from the incident. Moving along, these past few days have been filled with “firsts” for me and my little family.

This past weekend my daughter lost her very first tooth. What an experience for us and her alike! On Friday she tells us it’s loose and by Saturday morning I’m drying her tooth with a Kleenex and pulling it out. She seemed to have played with it all night and it was hanging on by one tiny little piece. She refused to twist it herself and she wouldn’t eat with her tooth dangling so she insisted I pull it out. And then she walked around with her tooth for a few hours, put it in a special jar, and kept asking us how much money the tooth fairy brings.

Then of course both me and my Mr are dumbfounded because really… How much does the tooth fairy charge these days? I got a quarter, but I assume with inflation things have definitely gone up! I honestly did some internet research and asked around and in the end we decided on 5.00 (For her first tooth only of course). I know, we completely overpaid for her tooth. But the next morning when she found her money she was so happy. We explained to her how for the first tooth only, the tooth fairy brings more money and let’s you keep the tooth. But the rest wont be the same. She said the tooth fairy was way too nice.

I agree 🙂

Other than that I managed to hit the 30K mark with my novel, which is a BIG first for me! It’s very exciting and very frightening at the same time. That’s a big chunk of my novel done, and yet there is still so much more to tell!

I’ve been writing these past few days and I keep getting the feeling that my novel isn’t in the right order, like all the chapters are out of whack. And I can’t seem to find a way to make them feel more comfortable. No matter which way I order them, the same story comes out at the end. But the overall feeling of things change. I haven’t quite decided on which way I want to present Gwen’s story yet. It’s very taxing on me because the more I write the more it nags at me.

A decision to wait until my novel is completed before I go changing the order of things has come to my mind, but I worry that it will be too big a job later. What would my fellow writers suggest?

Also, the more I write the more my story is changing in my mind. And not as in the direction of things, everything still ends up where I want it to. It’s more about the basis of things. The people and places are the same. The scenes are the same. The back story is the same. But the defining characteristics of Gwen want to change. And if I do that my novel changes from one YA genre to another. And the different genre is out of my comfort zone. And although it kind of appeals to me and I know I can draw inspiration from that, I worry that it’s too big a leap for what I’m used to.

It’s incredibly scary to think about that. Because not only am I plagued with fear about my novel on a daily basis, I would probably be riddled with a constant fear of “can I make this work” on top of all that.


I am going to continue to write this whole week, doing my best to keep up with my 1000 word average a day (so far, so good). However, once the weekend hits I’m going to make some clear-cut decisions about whether or not I take a leap of faith and change Gwen around. Because starting next week I’m going to kick it in to gear and get this baby pumped out by the end of August (fingers crossed!!). Then edits, edits and more edits! Then having people read Billow. Then editing some more. Then hopefully Backspace in November…

But NYC is expensive and the conference itself is expensive. I would need to seriously save up to get there. And leaving my little family for a weekend is always hard on me. I always miss them so much. For those of you who’ve been to Backspace or any writer’s conference for that matter, would you say it’s worth saving up your pennies to go? I really do want to attend, I just worry that I’m going to put my family a bit in the hole to make it there. Is it worth it? Anyone planning on attending in November, or anyone who attended previous ones who could give tips on how to keep the costs down?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


6 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy and Gwen – an interesting combination

  1. I find that, when I’m writing and something feels off, eventually I’ll reach a breaking point where I’m like, “No, I definitely need to change this. The madness has to end.” You may reach that point as well–or maybe not, lol. There’s a writing program some people use––which enables you to easily move around chunks of your story. Check it out if you feel like it 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’ve reached my breaking point just yet, but I feel like it’s inching up on me. Hopefully I can make a concrete decision this weekend.
      And I recently started up a trial with Scrivener (and I seriously love it), but I didn’t think to try re-arranging it that way. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Congrats on 30K. I’m with Michelle Proulx on this. If you leave it you’ll reach a breaking point. My WIP has changed direction which makes me want to change the order. And I use Scrivener and it makes it easy to play with the order and put it back if you don’t like it.

    1. I have a nagging feeling that I’m going to change things around sooner rather than later. I kind of don’t want to not feel one hundred percent about what I’m writing. I need to feel like it’s the right fit or else I lose inspiration. When I first started writing Billow I was so inspired and it was easy and simple. Now that the story wants to wander I’m finding it harder to stay focused.

      Maybe change is on the horizon…

  3. I don’t have the patience with Scrivener. I have no clue how it works and I can’t load my WIP on it! My advice is maybe take one day and just write freely and see how Gwen transforms. My main character Mikaela changed a lot one day in ways I didn’t expect her too, but I like her better. She’s more relatable now.

    I’m kind of in the same boat you are in terms of genre. I have no idea what I’m writing. Is it a YA? My characters our out of high school so I don’t know. Is it Dystopian? Well, the United States doesn’t completely morph into something unrecognizable. Basically, I have no clue. Don’t be afraid to jump! It might inspire more creation than you realize!

    1. Gwen is constantly transforming before my eyes. She is a voice inside my head that guides me every day when I write. It just seems that lately she’s wanted things to change. Maybe its more me being stubborn and not listening…

      My characters are also on the older side. Gwen is 19 but I’m wavering to change it to 21 for some reason. And in a sense you could call my stuff dystopian, but in another sense it could be alternate-reality. And at one point it was possibly in the fantasy genre. It’s so confusing.


      Another decision for another day 🙂

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