The Deconstruction of my WIP

Maybe it’s too soon to do this. Maybe I should wait it out and see if things pick up and the concept morphs into something better. I don’t know, this is my first novel I’ve ever written seriously. People say you shouldn’t do massive edits and just write until your done. But I can’t keep writing knowing things feel off. I can’t just fake my way through the words and ignore this horrible nagging feeling I have.

I have begun to make some serious changes to my work in progress. Before the changes, I had ten chapters done so far. Sitting back and looking at things, I’ve technically reached one third of the way to my word goal. But things don’t feel right. What I wanted to accomplish this far in hasn’t happened and I feel like I have 10K of filler words right now.

That was not in the plan.

How things are now, one chapter flashes to the past and then the next is in the present. After much thought this past weekend, I’ve decided to scrap most of the “in the past” chapters and incorporate them somehow into the other ones. I used the “in the past” chapters to explain things in more depth, but when I think about it, it’s unnecessary. There are plenty of ways I can explain things that happened in the past without literally going to the past.


Plus I had a couple of characters “from the past” who I wrote in to explain things, but now I can’t figure out if they should come back in the “future” and it’s confusing me and really now… I just don’t like them.


So here I am roughly 10K lighter than I started with this morning, but I feel great! The dead weight off my novels shoulders has created a better flow of things. There is no back and forth confusion. Things have a proper place and now I can plow ahead with the great stuff I have planned.

Things are definitely looking up.

And I’m excited once again.


3 thoughts on “The Deconstruction of my WIP

  1. I know “they” say not to edit as you go along, but I get that nagging feeling too,
    and it is hard to ignore.

    1. I have trouble at ignoring my inner voice. She’s a bit of a pushy lady. And a big nag.

      But this time I listened and things feel right, so I’m going to chalk this one up as a win.

  2. Endlessly editing while you’re writing and knowing something is wrong in your story are two different things. Sometimes you just have to make a CHOP to make the story what it needs to be! Hope the writing is still going well!

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