I find that lately, before I start a writing session of any length of time I need to clear my head. I can’t do two things at once when it comes to writing because if my mind wanders, so do my words. And not in the good way.

I’ve taken a couple of professional development courses at work that have had meditation exercises in them. I always loved the feeling I got when I opened my eyes after the visualizations and meditation. It’s an overall sensation that has always widened my senses.

This post by Marielena over at Birth of a Novel really sheds some light on the concept that meditation can help you better focus on your craft. I plan on trying this out during my next major writing session. Please take the time to read!


I used to meditate. A lot. You know – that process where you sit down, light some candles or incense, and attempt to quiet your mind. Some days my “monkey mind” was all over the place with my to-do list, never in the present moment.

Other times, I fell into a zone of deep peace and the comforting “now” where I focused on my breathing, forgetting past and future. Whatever happened was OK. No judgments. I simply allowed whatever was there – to be.

Now, I’m returning to mindfulness meditation for many reasons. And one of them is for my creative writing.

How, you may ask, can meditation help with the writing process? You’d be surprised.

Availability to new insights. When I still and quiet the mind, I am listening – not only to my breathing, heartbeat and of course the hundreds of senseless, random thoughts that run amok…

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