Getting lost in the summer

The weather has been amazing for us lately. Even with a brush with the rain, the gorgeous summer has pushed through and is back to warm up our days. Where I live we spend months in the snow and cold weather, and then relish in a few short months of heat and summer-loving.

I took a couple of vacation days and have been spending it in and around the house, but making sure to take time to enjoy the weather. Even if it was just sitting outside in the shade, I took advantage. Its been nice.

Being able to relax and take some time to centre myself and enjoy the moments has helped to clear my head and help me focus. I haven’t had as much time to write as I would have liked, but I am starting to feel more and more refreshed. I think this short break from my novel will be a positive one in comparison to my previous year long breaks in between writing. I have a better sense of my story, a more defined direction and a new found love for my male character.

While I was reading last night he crept into my head. It was interesting because it’s always been Gwen who’s spoken to me, but now it was him. He pretty much showed me his first meeting with Gwen and it was an interesting point of view. To say I was inspired would be an understatement. I wrote down a lot of what he told me and am excited to write that scene down. I think the best part about hearing him was that his voice reaffirmed the new concept I had for my novel. I’m glad he approved.

In the coming weeks I’m going to be putting these words in my head down onto the pages and I’m excited about this. I’m contemplating signing up for the August Camp NaNoWriMo to change things up and bust out a novel in a  month. Its a BIG challenge for me because I don’t write 50K in a month. I haven’t reached 50K with my current novel, so the thought of writing that much in one month’s time freaks me out. But the bright side to that would be that I make myself write everyday. Would that mean I need to cut down on my blogging? Probably. Do I think I could hit 50K? Fairly certain. Would this be an amazing experience? OF COURSE!

So I’ve got a few days to think this over. Until then I plan on taking in some more of the sun, drinking a bit more sangria, and listening to my characters and writing more of their story.

And apparently learn how to golf. My Mr. is taking me and our Banana Pants to the driving range today. I’ve gone in the past and I know that I can consistently hit 25 feet. Bahaha. Hopefully I can better myself to consistently hitting 30 feet. Update to follow.

Happy Friday everyone!!


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