Hi. My name’s Amanda Leigh and I’m a read-a-holic.

I just can’t seem to pry my hand from books lately. They’ve encompassed much of my free time, time when I should be writing, or cleaning or doing other things than reading. I just want to read all the time and get as many books under my belt as possible so when I go back to writing my first novel I’m going to have a great deal of reference information. Reading is how I study for writing. How better to hone your craft than to submerge yourself in its products?

I currently read about two books at the time. One during the day, one at night. I know it’s a weird concept, but I’ve come to like this setup. The books I read during the day are the YA ones, the books that inspire me. The books that fuel my desire to write and make me know that writing is what I want to do. The books I read at night are different. I have come to the realization that I need to read to get my mind out of the crazy whirlwind of my day. Easy reads, fun reads, maybe a little on the racy side (I hate to admit it but Fifty Shades stumbled me into a whole new realm of reading). Let’s just say things I wouldn’t normally write about.

Yesterday I finished both my day time and my night-time books. Inside Out by Maria V Snyder for the day, and Coming Undone by Lauren Dane for the day. Both books were fantastic. Inside Out is another YA dystopian novel, but with a bit of a twist. I really enjoyed how Snyder came up with this amazing world in the book. I was eager to start the follow-up Outside In today. So far, it’s looking to be as great as the first. Coming Undone is the second book in a series called The Brown Siblings, and to not say too much (my mom does read my blog from time to time, so I have to keep it clean folks) it’s like Fifty Shades but better writing, better character building and MUCH less repetition. Not once did I find myself flipping through the pages to skip over certain scenes… I just started book three, Inside Out (not even joking, same title as above but couldn’t be any further from the same genre), and I’m hooked already.

Reading has always been a passion of mine on top of everything else I love. I like being able to escape from reality for a little bit, mostly because the sometimes repetitious motions of life can be anything but exciting. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fill the need to read. Whenever I think I might be filling up my quota I somehow find more room.

I’m on GoodReads a lot, and whenever I update a book I’ve read I always take note of the books people read that are similar to my choices. I’m not interested in most of them, but there are enough that I am. I like this site because I can follow fellow writers – for example I nearly dropped dead when Jim Beaver approved or whatever my request to be his GoodReads friend. Not only do I have a SERIOUS older man crush on his character Bobby from Supernatural, but the book he wrote Life’s That Way about his life and the too soon ended life of his wife had me weeping. I also find this site a great way to plan out my future readings.

This might sound a bit crazy to you guys, but I have already planed out the next eight months worth of books I have to read. A lot of them are in series I currently read, some of them are up and coming YA writers, others are just books that peaked my interest by their covers. I’m not kidding folks. My agenda has a list of books I need to read. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick peak into my sacred space:

I know, my writing is all scratchy and the picture is blurry, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have several pages that are like this, AND since I love Excel I actually created a spreadsheet that has all these books, the series they are a part of (if any) and their release dates. Reading + Giant Agenda + Passion for Excel = MegaGeek.

I accept!!

Do any of you have a passion for reading like mine? Anyone think I may have taken things too far? Not far enough? Show of hands who thinks I should have made a pie chart???

Happy reading folks!!


2 thoughts on “Hi. My name’s Amanda Leigh and I’m a read-a-holic.

  1. I would have gone for a bar graph, personally. Cleaner lines, easier to analyse.

    Books are awesome. I’m currently reading through Piers Anthony’s Xanth series (there are like 35 books in the series, so it’s taking a while). And I have a ton of ebooks I need to get started on, although my brother took my tablet so I’ve been putting that off because I don’t want to spend even more time on the computer than I already do.

  2. Oh how I love Excel banter. Makes my day every time!

    A 35 book series? I must look into this. The longest series I’ve ever read was Harry Potter, so this one blows that out of the water.

    And I have a ton of ebooks that I haven’t read yet either, my list is so long of unread stuff, I really got to get cracking. Slowly but surely I’m knocking them down, but I always manage to find more that I add and my list never gets smaller!

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