“I’m feeling very Olympic today.”

If you guys don’t know where that line comes from I might no longer be able to speak to you. Okay, I jest. I can’t be mad at anyone today. Why you ask? Why else??


I have been waiting for this day since the Vancouver games. Seriously. I LOVE the Olympics and if I would have thought ahead properly I would have use two of my vacation weeks to stay home and watch them. There is something about watching the world come together for the opening and closing games that moves me. The people who are in the Olympics are (most often) normal every day people who have honed their craft and manage to do extra-ordinary things. I can’t wait to see what the opening ceremonies are like!!!


Thank goodness for summer hours at work because I will make it home in time to let my dog out, get into my Olympic outfit (just sweatpants, a red tshirt and my Canada mittens. Yes, mittens. They rock and I am super TEAM CANADA during the Olympics), and crack open a bottle of wine (preferably before I put on the mittens now that I think about it…). Who cares if it’s not happy hour, it is in London!!

When I was younger a good family friend and I spent much of our time together one summer. We were obsessed with the Olympics so we each had a barbie and made her into an Olympian. I shaved off all my Barbie’s hair (she was so cool) and drew the Olympic rings on her back. My friend drew the rings on her Barbie’s thigh. They were divers our barbies because we would stand beside the pool and throw our barbies in the air and whoever hit the pool the most straight won gold. We also had one of the NKOTB dolls (Joe I believe) and we drew the rings on him too and he was a gymnast. We were a little obsessed with Alexei Nemov back then. He was a gymnast god to us. So. Hot.

I also remember when Donovan Bailey won the gold for the 100 meters in Atlanta in 1996. Not only did he win gold but he had a WR time and he was the very first Canadian to break the 10 second mark. I watched all of his runs that year (track is one of my favorite things to watch. That and gymnastics and swimming) and seeing him be all insane and fast like he was made me want to run. The kids on my street would grab a flag and run with it down the streets trying to be fast like him. Then with the Canadian team winning the 4×100 made me go even more crazy for him. Robert Esmie, Glenroy Gilbert, Bruny Surin and Donovan Bailey. Those four guys were idolized by me for a while. Surin the most because he lived in the same town as me. Kind of made me believe that no matter where you’re from you can do great things.

The Vancouver Olympics will be held close to my heart mostly because we, as a country, did the best we’ve ever done. Although we didn’t win the most medals, we thrived as a country and held the most golds. This was a big deal for us because Canada had launched the “Own the Podium” campaign 2005. And in 2010 it finally paid off. I have to say, my nation’s pride grew ten fold that year.

So to say I love the Olympics and support my country is an understatement. No matter how many medals we get or don’t get, Canadian ooze pride to just make it to the Olympics. I am so proud of our athletes. Just seeing their faces on the screen inspires me. To strive for excellence and revel in the moments.

If any of you want to get all Olympic-Fevered-Up, I would suggest you watch The Cutting Edge (my favorite Olympic movie of ALL TIME!!! “Toe pick.”) and Cool Runnings. A movie in which the blog title comes from and that I could probably act out in it’s entirety right now. But that’s another post for another day…

Kick back and enjoy the opening ceremonies everyone.

London 2012 has arrived!!


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