Back in the swing of things

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days everyone. It’s not for a lack of wanting, it was for a lack of time. I’ve been busier than normal lately, and most of my free time has been filled up with the Olympics. I watched Canada get our first gold medal on Saturday with my Mr. and our Banana Pants and I cried. Such an amazing moment for us Canadians! But I’m getting back into the zone folks. More regular blogging, more writing, more awesome. Now, on to the blogging!!

Braeden is proving to be more of a difficult voice to put onto paper than I had originally thought. I’m trying to create a distinct voice for him so he doesn’t sound like Gwen, but it’s hard.

Writing from two characters points of view isn’t as easy as it was when I was younger. I wrote a few stories that came from multiple perspectives, but the voice was always the same. Yes, fine, the characters names were posted at the top of the chapter so you knew who’s perspective it was, but they all sounded the same. Braeden has grown to be such a strong character in my mind that writing from his perspective makes me a little nervous. I want people to get him and know him the way I do.

Its very daunting right now for me. Billow already feels like it’s the best writing I’ve done. The words and concepts are more complex in a sense than I’ve written previously. The characters have more gusto and they pull me in more than others have in the past. I think that because of this I am almost worried to let down my book rather than let down myself. Because I feel as if my words will mean something to someone at one point in time.


I don’t know.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and writing ideas down and character development and scenes conceptualizing, and the actual writing has taken a step to the side. My fingers are nervous to type the things I need to type. In three weeks I am off of work for a full week. I plan on attacking a good chunk of my stuff then. My original goal months ago was to have a full first draft by then (bahahaha), now I’m hoping to just have words that I’m proud of.

Maybe I don’t want to feel like I’ve failed myself. Let myself down.

I find it a little humorous that the more I realize that I want to write, the more nervous and doubtful I become about my abilities. I need to seriously wooosaaa and somehow channel my inner younger self and write with the no-holds-bar-just-go-with-it attitude. I think I’m going to make a point of writing for 30 minutes once a week about nothing to do with Billow. I believe I need to do that to remind myself of the joy of writing, and stop trying to psych myself out with trying to be a master of my novel.

Now, to move past my inner writer struggles and end the week on a high note, the wonderful Michelle Proulx has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. This is my second time getting this award and it still warms my heart to be nominated for these.

I really enjoy Michelle’s blog because not only is she a fellow Canadian (I’m very much Team Canada all year long :)) but I just found out that she is a recovering WoW addict. I feel her pain and am doing everything inside me to not sign up again for the new expansion (fingers crossed that September 25th flies by and I forget all about the wonderful world of Azeroth and the new panda race… *sigh*).

The same rules apply as all awards, thank the one who nominated you (check), post the image of the award on your blog (check), tell 7 things about yourself (gah, more?? see below. Check) and nominate some folks to receive the award.

So… Seven more things about myself:

1) In honor of Michelle’s confession… My Mr. and I fell in love with WoW several years ago and we used to actually both be on different computers and he would help me level my character. He was a Orc Shaman, I was a Blood Elf Paladin. It was WoW love.
2) My favorite ice cream flavor is Neapolitan (but when I was younger I thought it was called Napoleon).
3) This is my new favorite Tumblr at the moment (if you’re into men’s gymnastics at the current Olympics, then you’ll understand): F Yeah Philipp Boy
4) I have an addiction to technology and whenever I go for more than an hour touching something technological I start going through withdrawal. At work I’m constantly checking my phone, checking out Twitter and my emails. I know, horrible. If I’m laying on the couch my iPad is usually within arms length “just in case”.
5) On the other end of the spectrum I REALLY want to go camping before the summer is over so I can enjoy nature and get away from the city and technology. I have everything camping waiting for me and my Mr. and our Banana Pants (and Milton) in the garage. Just got to plan a time.
6) I’m currently re-watching all four seasons of Heroes. I forgot how much I enjoyed the first two seasons.
7) I’m eagerly anticipating the season premier of The Walking Dead in October.

And drum roll please… Here are several blogs that I frequent and love but don’t tell them I enjoy their stuff nearly enough.

Jill of all Trades… Expert of None
Molly Writes
Edilio Ciclostile

Happy Monday everyone!


6 thoughts on “Back in the swing of things

  1. i understand the whole avoiding your next work project thing…I had a lot of success with my last installation and now even though I have a seven thousand dollar commitment from my next commission, I so scared of screwing up I can’t seem to start. I’ve decided that I just have to put on my big girl panties and forge ahead, damned the consequences. I now once I start I will get caught up in the process and the worries will fade to the background. Good luck 🙂

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