When the going gets tough

I find that whenever I am in a big funk, the one person who manages to bring me back into focus is Steve Jobs. My opinion on him is probably not shared by all, but whether or not you liked him as a person he was a man who had a way with words. He helped me pick myself up when I needed a lift, he helped me buckle down and focus. I’ve always been inspired by him – not only after this passing. And as a way to thank him for all he’s made me see, made me realize, I will continue to mention him in my times of need.

To some of my readers you may think that another post with Jobs’ quotes is overkill. To that I say just come back tomorrow, I’ll have something different for you then. But for today I need his words. This blog is my home away from home. It’s where I turn to when my thoughts need to come out and dance in front of my eyes instead of just in my head. Sometimes it’s just easier for me to move forward when I can see the things in my mind rather than just think of them.

Today I need to be inspired and need to remember why I am working toward achieving my goals. Today I need to be reminded of my choices and that they are not false dreams.

Today I just need a little hope.

All these quotes and more can be found at TwistedSifter.com


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