I’m a huge fan of Kristen Lamb and I believe she has some incredible information for all us writers. I would definitely suggest you guys check out this one, as it kind of relates to me right now.
I’ve put my writing aside for a few weeks so I can give myself a break. It’s my “play time” right now and I need to not get so wrapped up in my inner struggle with my writing and just let loose.
I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself these past few weeks that I hit a wall and my mind and words refused to connect. I need to breathe and just give my words some time.
So I’ve been doing a lot of reading blogs and getting a better understanding of my craft and what I want out of things. I would suggest to all fellow writers to invest a good deal of time reading Kristen’s blog. It’s filled with such amazing information…
She inspires me!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

We live in a world that is rushing, rushing always rushing. Always busy, busy, busy. We feel as if every small segment of our lives should be scheduled. In America we glorify the workaholic. Many people even brag about how many years they have gone without a vacation, wearing their stress illnesses like a red badge of courage.

We live this lie that it is possible to have it all. We can work 100 hours a week, and be good parents, spouses, and stewards of our community and suffer no consequences with our health.

Recently I read CBS Steve Tobak’s blog about Marissa Mayer. Yahoo scooped up Mayer to inject new life into it’s lagging business. For those unfamiliar with Mayer, she is the hot-shot from Google. Her workaholism is legendary and various articles have cited how Mayer was known to work 90-130 hour weeks with as many as…

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