WIP – What happened in the past should stay there

I have decided that with my own writing I don’t like doing flashbacks. Like the hardcore kind where an entire chapter is devoted to something that happened. I read a book a while ago called Tomorrow Land and in it the author did one chapter in the past, one in the future, only to have the last chapter be the length of about 5 chapters so she could round everything out. It was interesting for a bit because as things happened you’re like “but why??” and then you get the next flashback chapter and you get a big “Oh I see!!”. But after a while it got old and I stopped liking the flow of things. So I’ve been re-reading my WIP a lot lately, and the original concept doesn’t work with me anymore. I had wanted to do one chapter in the past, one in the present like Tomorrow Land, but now I’ve decided to can that idea. This worked for about the first 30K words, but I think this is why I am at a standstill. Because it doesn’t work anymore. and I don’t think that changing the style of the book would work, so I feel as if I need to re-think my concept.

I think I can bring in the information from the flashbacks and incorporate them into the present storyline but that will take some re-working. For now I think I am just going to go ahead with my “all in the present” idea and go back and edit later. I don’t want to waste too much time trying to edit the beginning because I will never stop. I too often expect perfection out my things so I can get so easily caught up in that I never move forward (case in point with the first 30K).

So I’ve decided to give you all a bit of my WIP, but one of the flashback scenes. I plan to incorporate this back into my book because it’s important to know about Gwen’s past…


Cold, heavy, dreary.

Sitting on the big bay window in the front of my house, my knees pressed into my chest, I watched the weather unfold outside. I let the tip of my index finger traced the paths made by raindrops. Ever since I was a little girl I did this, the trails intrigued me, no two every being the same, each raindrop creating its own destiny. I sighed as my finger reached the window sill, wrapping the duvet cover tighter around me as I pressed my forehead against the glass.

It’s amazing to think that only a few days ago we were in the middle of what our local weather man called “the heat wave of the century”.  Looking out at today’s excessive precipitation, I knew we were miles away from then.  I looked at the dark clouds that hung heavy in the sky.  That weatherman was horrible at knowing what lay ahead. I scoffed at the humor of the moment; he and I now have something in common.

The rain had started several days ago, early one morning just before I woke up to the worst day I’ve had in ages.  At the time I had no idea that the rain would be exactly what I’d need.  The last five days have not been normal days for me. The previously hot temperatures would have been unwelcome as this was not a time for warmth, for enjoying the beautiful weather.  These days have pained me, were heart wrenching and utterly debilitating.  Somehow I can’t help but feel an odd sense of comfort that the weather was reciprocating how I felt inside.  The cool rain enabled me to breathe again, reassured me as much as one could be reassured on this day of all days.

Today was my father’s funeral.

Although I love the entire chapter that follows the above, it breaks into the flow fo things too much. I need to find a way to incorporate it without needing to literally go back into the past.

Challenge accepted!

Hopefully I get some actual real sit down time next week when I’m off work to get a good few thousand words written that have been dancing in my head these past few weeks. I say hopefully because I am known to foil any plans to write if the day is gorgeous and there are things to do. Some disciplined writer I’m turning out to be 🙂



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