Hello blog-world, how I’ve missed you

Well hello there folks, did you miss me? I’ve been in vacation mode since Friday, and will continue to be so until I have to walk in the front doors of my office on Monday at 8:00am. But I’ve felt so disconnected from my blog since I haven’t blogged in a week! What the???

I got lost in the moments. And I give no apologies because the moments were great. Well, most of the moments were. Perhaps a little list of things from this week before I delve into my creative discussions. Ahem, so, here goes.

Things I’ve learned one my week off 2012

1) My daughter is still hilarious. I went clothes shopping with my sister and Banana Pants danced through the aisles and put sunglasses on and danced some more.
2) Coffee still does, and will always, make me happy. This was my latte at brunch on Sunday:

3) No matter how much fun you have at a barbeque with your friends and how great your day has been, all it takes is your dog getting sprayed by a skunk when you let him out when you get home to ruin things.
4) NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, confuse a jar of tomato sauce with a jar of pasta sauce when removing skunk smell from a dog. However, this will happen since it’s 12:30 at night and your in the shower in an old bathing suit and your ridiculously tired. Not only will the oil be near to impossible to get out of your dogs fur, but he will proceed to eat it and you will probably slip in it and it will be disgusting.
5) Always Google about skunk sprays BEFORE you use tomato sauce. Apparently does nothing and only turns you, your dog, and your shower orange.
6) Red Lobster is the happiest place on earth and the Endless Shrimp festival is the best and worst part of it. And the biscuits are the devil.
7) If a bird makes its nest in your front lawn’s pine tree, let it. The boyfriend/husband/nest-mate is never too far away and will swoop in when needed.
8) Changing the password of one of your emails and then not changing the password on your blackberry will make it so you don’t get emails from this address. This will lead you to believe that all your blog friends are not posting either and makes you feel better. But then you finally log on and notice everyone HAS been blogging and you’ve been slacking…

Perhaps I will add a few more things to the list over the weekend since I still have THREE MORE DAYS of vacation. I’ll keep you all posted. I logged on to WordPress just now because I felt disconnected from my blog. I have been feeling disconnected from a lot lately. My blog, my novel, Gwen and Braeden, but more specifically my creativity. I’ve been tired and have not made any attempts to write. I think I’ve let myself get too much distance. It’s been too long and now I feel as if going back wont work. The story works, the characters work, but the concept doesn’t anymore. I want to change it too much right now and its not the time to do that. I shouldn’t be editing. I should let the worlds flow and then deal with the crappiness later.

So I’ve made a choice right now to still be on vacation until Monday. Then I have to get cracking with my book again. A few more days to focus and center myself and then time to powerhouse into things. Give myself small goals and work towards those. I always get ahead of myself and it leads to my demise.

It was nice to read some of my favorite blogs when I logged into WordPress today, I felt like I was catching up with long lost friends. And the more I read the more I felt reguvinated and ready to get back in the game. Then the most wonderful thing was read. A blog that I am incredibly fond of, an author who I adore and who’s words inspire me and make me want to be a better write and blogger, said she looked up to me. The always amazing Whitney made my night by saying that she is inspired by me. I adore her and her blog and am incredibly humbled by her words today. And one of her re-blogs has taught me how to make a banner for my blog. So excited to try it out this weekend! Thanks a million Whitney!

Reading Whitney’s most recent post surrounding social media and it’s place in an author’s world has finally given me the last push to start a Pinterest account. I already have a personal one that is filled with my madness and quirky side (AmandaLeigh2212 if you’re interested in following me) and I really do enjoy it. I’ve been dabbling in the idea of doing one for the author part of my brain ever since I read Kristen Lamb’s post on the pin board website. I’ve been hesitant because it adds to the list of sites that I am a part of. I know that as an author I need to be out there and promote myself. The idea of talking about myself… that makes me nervous and makes me worry that if I go out there and do all those things that I will have a higher place to fall from. I guess this is a risk I have to take.

Also, through the past week I’ve been able to write down a few subject I want to touch on in my next blog posts, so expect some more awesomeness.

Can’t wait! Exciting times are ahead!


2 thoughts on “Hello blog-world, how I’ve missed you

  1. Thank you for the mention and I hope you are having fun on your vacation despite the escapades of a rouge skunk.

    Try not to worry too much and just jump into the social media stuff. It’s not as bad as it seems. 🙂

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