If you like it then you should have put a pin on it

My obsession with Pinterest has been revived. Not only because I’ve been working on some boards for my WIP, but because Pinterest has finally released a legit iPad ap. Now when I have a few free minutes you can sure as heck find me checking out all kind of pins. Lately it’s been healthy eating and easy exercises which I swear I am going to start at one point this week 🙂

On my WIP side of things I love that I have been able to get a lot of the imagery from my head and find it in pictures. It’s brought a new sense of reassurance with my novel. And that makes me very happy.

I don’t think I’ve ever come out with where I stand with social media. I’ve never really felt it necessary to make my position known because I honestly haven’t really decided how I feel. With most forms of social media I have been hesitant to dive too deep in when it comes to self promotion. I kind of feel like I need to get my feet deeper into my writing before I go preaching to the world about it. Also I’m kind of shy and think people will wonder who the heck this “Amanda Leigh” person is and why in the heck does she think she’s so awesome.

Side note: I am pretty darn awesome once you get to know me.

Facebook is starting to become old news to me. I don’t update mine often, I had a page for my Etsy site at one point, but I no longer update that and I don’t really want to have a FB page for my writing. I get annoyed with FB very quickly. When I post a status, I try to make it enjoyable. I want people to see my status in their news feed and smile. I don’t want them to think “oh no, not her again”. Most of my posts are either pictures of my daughter being funny or something hilarious she said. But I don’t overkill things. Most of my posts now are just blog related. Beyond that, it seems like everything becomes integrated with FB at one point or another (Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads etc.) and that truly frustrates me to no end. I like to keep all my social media sites separated. Too much repetition and people are going to get pissed off. Of course this could just be me (and yes, I do link my blog to both my Twitter and FB, but I don’t have many cross over friends).

Twitter has always been a place for me and my few friends who have it to randomly say something to each other when we feel it’s necessary. I don’t really do much self promotion there. I do follow a lot of authors and I’ve noticed that some of them are complete tweet freaks. Some are constantly self promotion themselves to the point where I want to scream. Some tweet anything and everything and take 30 tweets to say what they need to say. But I can’t pull myself to un-follow these people. As much as I may get frustrated and annoyed, these people were once in my shoes. And they are where I want to be, minus the maniacal tweeting of course.

So for me to start tweeting about my book or what I’ve done so far makes me beyond nervous and I want to hold off on that until I am more confident in myself and my writing.

But Pinterest… Oh how I love you so. Yes, I guess it’s possible for you to “spam” your followers by constantly pinning stuff over and over, but if used correctly you can help your readers see through your eyes. You can enable them to be a part of a world that you created. It’s pretty amazing. Gwendolyn and Braeden are starting to become more real, the visions in my head are starting to become physical. The Basin and it’s sectors too. It’s making me incredibly excited to get back into my writing.

And even more motivation for me is that during my week off from work I was able to finally clean my workspace in our basement. There is a shelf/desk combo I have from Ikea that I’ve used for my Etsy stuff, but over the month of not making anything the desk turn retched. The entire surface was covered in piles and piles of silk, tulle, organza, rhinestones, beads, hair clips and so much more. I should have taken and before and after shot because I swear you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how messy it was. But I sucked it up and organized the are and now it’s gorgeous. There is room for me to work, but more importantly there is room for me to write!

I guess all it took for me to focus is to take some serious time off.

Can’t wait to delve back in!


5 thoughts on “If you like it then you should have put a pin on it

  1. I have the same feelings about social media that you do. None of my sites are connected to Facebook because I don’t want the whole world to know every time I take a breath. After being on Tumblr again for a few days, I’ve noticed its still a place of people talking about extremely personal situations that they probably shouldn’t talk about on the internet and then they keep talking about it over and over. I just try to post positive things.

    And twitter still makes me want to scream.

    1. I complete agree with Twitter making you want to scream. People on there are clogging up my news feed like there is no tomorrow 🙂

      In a world where people can become starts for nothing – Kim Kardashian anyone??? – I find so many people have started using social media to make a name for themselves. Not everyone is out there trolling for supporters, some people are genuine in their ways, but I’m tired of people acting like they are the next big thing.

      It also doesn’t help the society as a whole caters to these people. How is it that what someone wore last night is more important than current events?

      I would rather not become a social media junkie (but use it to a certain extent) and keep my integrity when it comes to me and my product.

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