Big changes on the horizon folks

There comes a point where people need to make choices about what they want out of life. More so, what is feasible to achieve. I truly want to complete a book and have it published. It would mean so much to me to know that dream of mine isn’t in vain and that I will succeed. However, I have a whole life ahead of me for this to happen and I’ve realized that all things happen in due time.

Since my last post (which was forever ago, and I apologize for that) I’ve taken a small step back from writing, and have begun to focus on a new phase of my life. And by focusing I mean lying on the couch more, reading more, and sleeping more (or at least trying to). My Mr. has definitely picked up the cleaning slack and is kicking it into high gear right now. I’m very thankful for everything he’s doing even if I don’t’ tell him enough.

I mentioned a few posts back that I had some news for everyone, and I am finally able to talk about it! We needed to get the word out to all our friends and family before I mentioned it here but now that all is said and done…

My Mr. and I are expecting our second child!

Yeah! We’re very excited and can’t wait for April to get here. We found out about seven weeks ago and were mum for a bit, then slowly had to tell people. I don’t know how some women wait until the are 12 weeks because seriously… I am known to enjoy a glass (or 4) of wine when I get together with my friends. And during the summer I see my friends a lot, every weekend really. So showing up and refusing a drink is a telltale sign that something is up. Especially since I didn’t think to tell everyone I was back on the Dukan (note to people out there, this is a very acceptable “excuse”). So my friends knew early on. From there we had to tell family because too many friends knew before them, and the last person we needed to tell was Banana Pants.

Of course she did not believe us for a day. She thought we were joking and she couldn’t understand how I was having a baby is I had no belly. After some convincing and a wonderful website which depicted each week with a different fruit size, she finally understood and is now very excited.

So a lot is going to change for us as a family, and a lot is going to change for me and my goals. At first I thought this would be a great time to really buckle down and write a book seeming as I would be on maternity leave a month or so before the baby was born and then I’d be off for a year after that. Obviously I’d have ample time to write. Then reality hit me like a big slap in the face followed by a maniacal laugh. In what world would I have time to write when I will be taking care of a little human creature.

What’s a writer to do… Although everything inside me wants to write, my mindset is shifting from writer to something else right now. I don’t want to displace my belief that I can accomplish getting published one day, but all I can think about is my growing belly.

When I was pregnant with Banana Pants I didn’t have the drive to write that I do now, so it was easy to place all my focus on the pregnancy and just enjoy the ride. Now I’m not only thinking about the baby, I’m thinking about my future as a writer and if it’s something I could even validate right now.


One day at a time folks, one day at a time. I was unsure if I even wanted to mention this new chapter of my life here on my blog. I started this blog to document my journeys as a creative person, but I do enjoy adding in a personal story here and there. I want people to relate, people to get me and who I am, and not just an online persona. So after a bit of thought it was a no brainer.

So now you guys get to take a peak into another chapter of my life. I’m not big on the belly pictures (I didn’t do it with Banana Pants so I feel like it might be unfair now) so please do anticipate any of those. But stories and recounts of my pregnant craziness are bound to be spoken of.

I wanted to thank you guys for reading (and visiting even when I had nothing to say) and hope you’ll stick around for the things to come…

Happy Thursday my lovelies!!


5 thoughts on “Big changes on the horizon folks

    1. Thank you so much Gail. I really appreciate the kind words. I’m still writing down ideas for this new direction I want to take, but I have been very tired lately so I haven’t had a chance to write anything down yet. Fingers crossed I’ll feel less tired soon!!

  1. Congratulations! How exciting.. I’m 26 weeks myself and am aiming for a natural birth. If this is something you’ve considered, I invite you over to my blog.. : ) I look forward to your journey!

    1. Thank you Julianne! It is very exciting… I had never considered a natural birth because last time everything went smoothly the way I choose, but recently a friend of mine had a natural birth and it’s intrigued me. I definitely would enjoy hearing other people’s experiences.

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