Why I’m going on a Facebook hiatus

No more Facebook

Last night was the last straw my lovelies. I used to enjoy Facebook, it was a way to stay in contact with friends (some old, some new) and family and people I truly had interest in. Then Facebook went all crazy-ass and starts adding in 38768135154 apps for random things I don’t give a crap about, making me like things (because the more likes you have, the cooler you are) and don’t even get me started on Timeline…


Last night my dog woke up me and my Mr. by barking hysterically and jumping off the bed, growling and running around. Normally a stern “Milton!!” and he’s back in bed, buried under the covers, but not last night. So my Mr. wakes up and starts (albeit mildly) freaking out. “What’s this? What’s going on? What’s happening?”. The windows and closet doors were rattling and it felt stronger than the usual gust of winds we’re accustomed to.

At this point I’m awake, though not really caring about the happenings around us. All I want is to get back to the precious sleep I get so little of now. But of course my Mr. is on a mission now. He HAS to know what’s going on. In the past we would have either turned on the radio, or waited until the morning to hear the news. Now, in the times of over exposed social media, we turn to Facebook. My Mr. went back to bed and instantly went to Facebook to see what people were saying.

“It was an earthquake. Everyone is talking about it on Facebook.”

*double sigh*

I scoffed at him and told him he was being ridiculous to be checking Facebook. A quick Google search and a trusted website – Environment Canada – said that we had been hit with a 4.5. It was easy to find, and it was a FACT. Facebook is based on whatever people say and is rarely backed up with fact. Facebook is more for where people can vent or talk about themselves. And most of the time I feel it’s so they can get attention from others. Facebook is an attention seekers best friend.

It’s sad when you think about it… Where else do so many people go to learn about current events? Their Facebook news feed. People – myself included – have become dependent on knowing EVERYTHING about EVERYONE.

“Did you see what he/she/they posted on Facebook?”

“I was face-creeping and you’ll never guess what/who I found out!!”

“Did you know so and so got married? I saw it on Facebook…”

It was at that moment, lying in bed, that I realized I need to cut the Facebook cord and separate myself from it. Right now my phone has no service at work, but once it does I’m deleting the app, same on my iPad, and I’m un-linking it from my blog. I’ll probably deactivate it later tonight too. That would really be cutting it off cold turkey.

I considered going all the way and removing myself from Twitters and Pinterest, but those two forms of social media haven’t made me feel the way Facebook has. I actually love Pinterest right now and have no want to get rid of the awesomeness that it is right now. And to prove its awesomeness, here is a quote my sister found on it recently:

“Pinterest makes you love people you don’t know, Facebook make you hate the ones you do…”


Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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