Second time around… Not as easy…

I now understand why so many people say that every pregnancy is different. 15 weeks in and I feel like its been seven months. Man, oh, man… With Banana Pants, things were so easy. I was a waitress at the time and was able to work 5 hour shifts with ease, hang out with my friends and night, and start all over the next day. I worked until I was 8 months and could have probably gone longer if I let myself. Yeah I got swollen ankles and had water retention now and then, but overall it was an incredibly easy pregnancy.

I dream of those days right now. I don’t get much sleep anymore. I’d say I’m averaging 4-5 hours a night. Some people can function on this, I, apparently, am not one of those people. I can make it until 2 pm and then I go from a 9 to about a 4 in productivity. Lucky for me I manage to get most of my work done in the morning and leave the less exciting and not-so-important things for my sluggish hours.

The problem is when I get home all I want to do is rest. Which isn’t a bad thing, I need to rest. It’s bad in the sense that I want to do so many things that I can’t do. I want to blog more often, get back into the routine I previously had, but I’d rather be resting. I don’t have the energy to write anything actually. I have such a good new concept and direction I want to take with a novel, but the idea of sitting down (or slouching on the couch) and typing away just doesn’t appeal to me. Neither does making some new headband and shoe clip ideas I have swirling in my head.

I would do these things on the weekend, but starting this week we’re on a mission to get our house in shape to sell. This past weekend we brought King Bowser Fancy Pants to my aunts for her to take him. It’s so sad having to give up our cat (Banana cried many times) but in the end its for the best. So now that he’s out we’re in the zone to get ‘er done. Finger crossed we can list the house by mid-November if not sooner.

Getting back to finding time to write, I read a post by Michelle Proulx (a fellow Canadian, WoW lover and all around awesome blogger – can’t wait to see her book on the shelves!!) about using your time in the washroom to get productive. Don’t laugh! I think her idea is BRILLIANT. When it’s THAT time of day I mostly read on my iPad. Why not use my time more wisely and type up a few paragraphs or start a blog post? I could use my time efficiently, and make others happy by moving forward in my blogging and my writing. Win-win I think.

So I’m going to give this a go. Maybe I’ll be able to get a bit of a move-on with things this way. Fingers crossed and a big thanks to Michelle for inspiring me.


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