Friday Favorites: Good lips, good nails, good times!

Hi my lovelies! I thought it would be nice once an a while to talk about some of my favorite things of “now”. I always enjoy reading about people’s favorite things so I hope you guys enjoy hearing about mine.

There really are only two things that I swear by right now, both of which can fit in your purse (or pockets) and be carried with you wherever you go – which is something I love because I don’t like carrying around a huge purse to do my quick runs so these items are great because they take up so little room!

Tada! Nivea’s Lip Butter (in Raspberry Rosé) and Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

I have dry lips. All the time. I wake and they’re dry, I do to bed and they’re dry, during the day the get all wrinkly and shriveled… So because of that I tend to lick my lips a lot and they just get worse. I am constantly buying different kinds of lip treatments or balms and nothing ever really works (of course, Blistex DOES work, I just don’t think to buy it that often and when I do I always lose it somehow). I recently came across Nivea’s Lip Butter and it was love at first touch!

First thing you’ll notice is the wonderful smell of raspberries when you open the container. So yummy (note to self: lip butter DOES NOT taste like it smells)! Second thing is that it’s tinted slightly pink. Not so much that it’s a dramatic change, but just enough to lighten the color of your lips ever so slightly. I never wear lipstick, it just isn’t me. But I like things with hints and hues that accentuate and don’t change the color of my lips. This does the trick!

And like the name says, my lips feel like buttah. So soft and smooth and I just… Loves. No, there isn’t any SPF in this, but this is more something I put on at work and at home. If I’m going to be in the sun I use something else. All in all, I give this product a go!

Burt’s Bees is a hit or miss product line for me. I have their hand salve and I can’t stand the smell or the way it makes my hands feel. But a few of the nail Instagramers I follow have used this product so I decided to give it a go. Well… I love it. It smells like lemon pie filling and sometimes I have to refrain from using it on my lips!

The cream is more on the solid side, so you simply need to rub your fingertip on the cream to get some for your cuticles. No need to dig or use a lot; a few quick spins around the container and that does it. I usually manage to rub the cream on three fingers before going back for more.

Once all my cuticles are coated I take a couple of minutes to really massage it in. At this point the cream has been rubbed in and the only residue is a nice shine to your nails and the smell of lemons! I manage to find time to do this a few times a day and I swear it’s helping my cuticles know their role and stay back and not get all dry and unruly. Another product on my list of loves!!

Hope you lovelies had a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend! Until Monday!


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