When you start a blog you’re always worried that no one reads. You see the number of followers, you see all the “likes”, but sometimes you just wonder if your words mean anything.

Then you get an award from a reader and you realize that maybe you are being heard and maybe you are enjoyed by people and maybe you do have a place in this crazy blog-o-sphere of a virtual world.

So here are the awards that I was nominated for, all of which I appreciate and accept humbly.

The Beautiful Blogger Award was given to me by Laura Lee Anderson and it was my very first award. And coming from her it was a great honour because use was the very first blog I followed and loved.

The second award I received was the Leibster Blog Award and that was from Whitney at Serendipitous Happenstance. I truly adore her blog and find myself visiting it almost daily for inspiration or to just re-read clips of her WIP Rain.

I received the Reader Appreciation Award from Lea over at Lea at Sea. Her blog is filled with wonderful photos which she’s taken herself. I love seeing people show their talents, and her photos are awesome.

I received the One Lovely Blog Award and the Versatile Blogger Award within the same week, again from the talented Whitney. Considering how much I adore her ad her blog, an award from her is always touching.

Once again, Lea nominated me for an award, this time it was the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award:

The wonderfully lovely (how fitting) Michelle Proulx nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award (my second time being nominated for this!!!). Please go and visit Michelle’s blog because she is also a fellow writer who’s documenting her journey at getting published. And she’s got an awesome sense of humor to boot!

Thank you everyone for these awards! I appreciate them so very much!!


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