Since I’ve had people ask me for this, and since I want to start telling people about my book, here is the prologue to my first book Billow. I will have a breakdown of my novel shortly, but hopefully this will get your craving a bit more. Please feel free to comment, critique and give direction/advice. It is very appreciated!


“Two minutes.”

Without turning to the voice behind me, I nod slightly. I gaze out at the horizon from where I stand, high on the peak that overlooked the grandeur that was The Basin. Centuries ago this island area was a thriving metropolis, populated by tens of thousands. There were buildings that reached to the clouds, a society transfixed with the evolution of technology. They did not know that at the time it would be their downfall. It has since dwindled in numbers and the buildings have been destroyed. A glint of its former glory is what lies before me. From an industrialized island, the land has been turned into a lush green space divided into seven sectors. The Garden, The Abbey, the Frill, the Spire, the Quadrant, the Trite and lastly the Grotto. This is the place where up until this morning I called my home.

The sun had yet to rise over The Basin, the dark navy sky continued to drape the landscape. The Basin sunrises were be considered by many to be the time of day when everything looked at peace. The place where I am right now would be one of the few places left that I cherished. Slowly, I watch as the bright rays of the sun began to peak out from their resting place, a golden hue unfolds on the land before me. I look down at my once home; the Grotto looks so serene.

Turning to the guard who stands behind me, I stuck out my hand, waiting. I find it completely unnecessary how one had to be escorted to the place of your choice, the place where you chose it all to end for yourself and your loved one. This is supposed to be a time to grieve, to remember; not a time to feel like you’re being watched and rushed. But like the rules of The Basin state…

He complies by reaching into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small glass phial and handing it to me. “One more minute.” He reminds me of my time before he lets go. Once the exchange is done he proceeds to turn his back to me; part of protocol to give me some ‘privacy’.

Out of fear that this will be the last time I am up here, I take in the view that lay before me, all while I roll the phial in my fingertips. It was smooth to the touch, cool, tiny. I hold it up to eye level. It was a small glass cylinder with a tiny cork top, the entire thing no bigger than my thumb. Like every one ever distributed, the phial was filled with ashes. Light grey ashes that were all that’s left of someone who once was. Around the center of the glass there was a small white label, similar to one you would find on a prescription bottle. I run my finger across the letters and read the inscription aloud. “Case number three-one-five-eight – Drake, Nathanial”

My father.

I still cannot believe it’s been a year already. It feels like only yesterday when he-

“Miss Drake, we have to leave. It’s time.” My thought was interrupted by the guard, who looked at me unapologetic with his arms crossed over his chest. He nods his head towards the Basin, letting me know I had no choice anymore.

I smile flatly in return.

There was no more time to give to my grieving.

I quickly pop the cork and take one step closer to the edge. A light breeze picks up around me as I turn the phial upside down and let the ashes fall into the wind. The remains of my father dance in the gust, just as the sun burst over the skyline.

“Goodbye dad.”

I re-cork the phial and slip it into my pocket. It was the only thing left I would ever have of my father. I stare out one last time at the Grotto. I would not be returning there, it would no longer be my home.

My fate was sealed the moment my father died a year ago.

I am now a possession of The Basin.


3 thoughts on “Billow

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed it Lea! I have been so torn with posting the title, let alone a whole part of it! I promise to try and get some more of it out there at one point or another.

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