I’ve always been a creative person, and in the past few years I’ve tried to devote more time to turning this creativity into something that others can benefit from. I believe that something as simple as a personalized wine glass, a simply decorated cookie or even a handmade flower for your hair can brighten someone’s day.

As for what I enjoy doing the most, painting glassware of all kinds, for all occasions has always been something I’ve done. I’ve made them as gifts for family members in the past, and have made bonbonnieres for parties and weddings alike. I have a soft spot for weddings (I can’t help but swoon at a breath-taking bride and groom) and most of my items will be centralized around just that.

I also have slowly started getting into the fascinator and headpieces for women and brides especially. I’ve already had my head pieces worn at two weddings, as well as fascinators for myself and friends. I am looking to expand into this more prior to wedding season.

If you would like, you can go and visit my Etsy shop for some of the items I currently have on sale:

by amanda leigh

Here are some of the things I’ve made, some of which is listed on my Etsy shop, other are from past weddings I worked on.

Shoe Clips

Charcoal satin handmade flower - shoe clips

Light blue and teal organza flower shoe clips

Red stretch mesh with black dots - flower shoe clips

Vibrant purple satin flower shoe clips

Hair Clips

Lilac Purple organza flower bobby pins

Lilac, light blue and mint organza flower hair cips

Champagne organza flower bobby pins

Bridal Headpieces

2010 was the year of the weddings for me and my little family. We attended six weddings between August and November, along with many engagement parties, bachelorettes and bachelor parties and bridal showers galore.

Needless to say weddings began to become a constant fixture in my life, and still are – we already have 4 weddings so far this year to attend.

I have always found myself seeing things and saying ‘I could do that’, so I will more often then not, give it a try and either it works out in my favor, or it doesn’t. So with all the excitement surrounding all the weddings, I began to try my hand at making headpieces and I am proud to say that I was able to make a birdcage veil and a fascinator for two different weddings.

Christine’s fascinator:

Nadia’s birdcage veil:

Details of the veil clip:


My interest in painting glassware started many years ago, when the extent of my capabilities was making flowers out of dots and a green squiggle as the stem. I, along side a friend, painted a bunch of these glasses as Christmas presents for our friends and families.

Since then I have grown to enjoy painting all types of glassware – wine glasses, champagne flutes, mugs and more – for all type of occasions from weddings, to anniversaries, to simple designs for your everyday use…

“Bride” Glass

Made to order - "The Bride" painted champagne glass

Made to order - "The Bride" painted champagne glass

“Bridesmaids” Glasses

Made to order - "The Bridesmaids" painted champagne glasses

Made to order - "The Bridesmaids" painted champagne glasses

Made to order - "The Bridesmaids" painted champagne glasses


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