If you like it then you should have put a pin on it

My obsession with Pinterest has been revived. Not only because I’ve been working on some boards for my WIP, but because Pinterest has finally released a legit iPad ap. Now when I have a few free minutes you can sure as heck find me checking out all kind of pins. Lately it’s been healthy eating […]

“I’m feeling very Olympic today.”

If you guys don’t know where that line comes from I might no longer be able to speak to you. Okay, I jest. I can’t be mad at anyone today. Why you ask? Why else?? It’s OLYMPIC DAY!!! I have been waiting for this day since the Vancouver games. Seriously. I LOVE the Olympics and […]

Words to inspire

I woke up needing inspiration. My head was cloudy, my mind has this annoying hum playing in the background and my thoughts are jumbled. I figured it’s a case of the mid-week hump, and I need a bit of words to inspire me and help me move forward. So, here are some of my favorite […]

Getting lost in the summer

The weather has been amazing for us lately. Even with a brush with the rain, the gorgeous summer has pushed through and is back to warm up our days. Where I live we spend months in the snow and cold weather, and then relish in a few short months of heat and summer-loving. I took […]

It’s amazing what a little bit of bread can do to a girl

At the beginning of the year I embarked on a bit of a personal journey. I had dubbed it “New Year, New You (aka me!!)”. I decided enough was enough and I needed to take control of my life. I switched my blog from one server to another and began to blog regularly. I kicked […]